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Our vision is to train existing and emerging leaders in the Gospel of Jesus Christ to impact nations with the pure and genuine love of God. Our mission is to expose hearts and minds of leaders to Bible based teaching and spiritual impartation from seasoned ministers. We provide an environment of growth where individuals can discover their personal vision and purpose in the Kingdom of God..

In essence, our desire is for you to experience God’s love like never before!


Pastors (1)

Pastor & Founder - Dr. David T.  Demola
Aministrator and Co-Pastor - Rev. Diane B. Demola

Dream Big

Greetings in the wonderful Name of Jesus.

As pastor of Faith Fellowship World Outreach Ministries, I am honored to present you with one of the most unique Bible training programs in the world. Over 700 particpants have graduated from more than 80 nations who have returned to their countries and are representing The Gospel of Grace around the world.

FAITH INTERNATIONAL TRAINING SCHOOL (FITS) was born in 2001 through a direct word to me from God. I obeyed that word and with the help of many financial supporters, faithful teachers and staff, the impact of FITS is now touching the nations in such a genuine and powerful way.

As you consider applying to FITS or financially supporting the training program, my prayer is that you will let The Holy Spirit guide you. Most of all pray for this important tool that God is mightily using for His glory and honor.  May God's richest blessings and favor overshadow your life.


Nations Represented


Meet Our Administrative Team

Rev. Susanna Happle - Director

Susanna graduated from the full-time program in 2012 as a member of Class 12 and joined the staff of FITS after graduation.  She enjoys utilizing her training in counseling and administration to ensure a successful and impactful program.  Susanna loves being married to Marty Happle and being Lil’ Marty’s mommy.

Rev. Marty Happle - Student Pastor & Housing Director

Marty has worked in full-time ministry for over 13 years and has been serving FITS since 2007. He graduated from part-time FITS. Marty is married to Susanna, and greatly enjoys raising their son together. He is very passionate about interpreting the Bible through the finished work of the cross.

Mrs. Jenn Vaca - Student Coordinator & Spanish Support

Jenn graduated from the full-time program in 2013 as a member of Class 23 and joined as FITS staff in 2014. She enjoys what she does and who she does it for. She is committed to serving a generation of world changers. Jenn loves life and is happily married.

Admissions Coordinator & Portuguese Support

We are elated to serve participants from around the world as they their lives to enhance their relationship with God and gaining more biblical insight. We are committed to fulfilling our roles in order to successfully carry out the vision of this ministry.
Please feel free to contact us by sending an email to learn more about us.

Teaching Staff

Our program also consists of over 50 men and women of God who passionately and eagerly volunteer time to teach in our program.

Why Support FITS?

Help Faith Fellowship Ministries continue to change lives around the world

Since 2001, FITS has been able to successfully train over 700 students from over 80 nations with the pure Gospel of Jesus. We have done this by providing scholarships to our international guests with training, meals, and housing. Our housing consists of 8 units which are fully furnished and ready for our guest to live comfortably for their 5 month stay.

FITS has maintained the vision to train emerging and current leaders solely through donations and offerings.

If you have a heart for this vision, we would love for you to partner with us financially. With your donation, we can continue to empower leaders with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus found in His teachings of grace, faith, and righteousness.


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